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will you stay up late long enough to learn all of the things i hate about myself and everyone who can't relate give me one good reason why i should stay i'll wait
DIY Therapy 02:15
it goes up and down just like a swingset and I jump off and knock my wind out every time you say it's a habit then you go and brag it and a degree won't even convince me at all so keep on putting your pieces to my own puzzle trying to figure me out but you're not my goddamn therapist i'm not your next experiment and every step you take in my direction assuring your discretion just keeps pushing me one step closer to insanity you always come around just like the sunset so i close my blinds and pretend to sleep like i do every night you're asking all these questions and expect confessions i didn't know that i was on the Dr. Phil show so keep on putting your pieces to my own puzzle trying to figure me out but you're not my goddamn therapist i'm not your next experiment and every step you take in my direction assuring your discretion just keeps pushing me to try and tell you every little secret like how i can't even dream anymore cuz i'm so fucking bored of this life and everyone inside it, they all feel the need to have something to say every time you look their way it's just 21st century diy therapy in the 20th century you feel like you're there with me just another lost soul in a sea of yerba tea but when will i ever learn?
so you're a critic so concerned about your word choice certain of your point of view i hear the crickets they sing a song of your reception begging for an encore a standing ovation take a picture with your dog put it on your blog and call it a day see we all have opinions some more valid than others but something about them make us turn on eachother if this is the way you communicate i'll give you something to write home about are you a savage? your fingers are on fire burn a hole through your keyboard your only desire is a soapbox big enough to fit your ego with a style so regal you really like a fool to me seriously are you a journalist or a masochist? you tell me
what would you say if i got up and walked away? would you see if i'm fine or would it waste your time? what would you do if you were forced to choose between our friendship and an offer you can't refuse? hey, there's something wicked in the way you smile it seems the biggest secret to keep hides behind your teeth are you afraid to say what's really going on in your head? just tell me the truth and i'll finally go to bed i can't help but see a halo over everyone i know it's a part of me that i can't let go so when the ugliness in someone starts to show i find solace in the things that i don't know isn't it funny how i know just what's in store? yet i always find myself crawling back for more and now i know where i'm gonna go i'm going home
Laugh Track 02:35
say how you feel to me know are you happier somehow? but what does it mean when you say it in that way? half of me just wants to see you succeed so desperately and the other half wants an epitaph on behalf of the time you tried to make me laugh i'll paint a smile on to satisfy your twisted kind of surprise it's all so contrived it was such a funny joke tell it one more time and i'll choke on your awful, familiar breath and now it hurts to laugh you split my sides in half and suddenly i finally found the ability to laugh at the reality of death
fish out of water gills filled with salt from swimming in an ocean mixed with alcohol some words hit deeper than the eye can see you're losing patience i'm losing sleep because i wear my heart on my sleeve for nothing it seems and my credence is depleting with every heartbeat and i take pride in knowing when your second face is showing like the dark side of the earth letting the shadow swallow me making me question all the worth of every mutual memory so now i'm stuck in a black hole of my inner consciousness and for every secret you behold yields a sleepless night at best when i'm feeling dead inside will you bring me back to life this heart of broken glass gets shattered every time because i wear my heart on my sleeve for nothing it seems and my credence is depleting with every heartbeat why do i find comfort in tragedy it leaves me feeling lost inside my vulnerabilities thanks to my heel of Achilles
i remember your voice the half-hearted grin looked across the room chills ran through my skin i was in your blindspot out of sight and out of mind i'll wait in the shadows for you to find it's been ten years now i still remember the good old days you came around the corner and you turned away i was in your headlights but you just kept driving by i'll wait on the shoulder for another ride you told me not to become a stranger but you didn't warn me about the danger can't you feel the silence? a story for the year can't you read the headlines? we all live in fear so i'll stay here
Reprise 02:23
what happens to a joke that goes too far on the highway in your best friend's car would you hold them to a standard similar to who you are or would another page be ripped from your memoir what happens when the dust settles in the air and no one has another word to spare tell me something genuine, something i can't share give me one good reason why i should care
Crop Out 03:12
a second guess that took too long here comes the flooding feeling of being wrong it's kind of like that one Lit song "My Own Worst Enemy" i am my own worst enemy i need a muzzle to shut me up when i say dumb things or an eraser to fix all my dumb mistakes sometimes i wish i were a vampire so i can't see myself in the mirror drenched in sweat, i need to get away from here dear Bobby Fisher, will you teach me to disappear i put up a fight almost every night and i lose to myself every time oh my god, what have i done i just keep on letting down everyone and i'm so sick of being the mess no one wants to clean up you tell me to give up and forget it i'll tell you one more time i regret it just crop me out of the final cut it will be such a happy ending we'll let the credits roll again


Griffen Clark - Guitar, Vocals, Cello
Ian Francis - Drums
Natalie Moon - Guitar
Leon Owusu - Bass

additional vocals on Achilles by Julia Steiner.

recorded/mixed with Seth Engel at Pallet Sound.
mastered by Dave Poponi at The Gradwell House.
artwork by Dave Sagan.



released August 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Arizona Landmine Ames, Iowa


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